Golf Lessons


  1. You 2 really compliment each other as a couple, one upbeat and one pretty calm. That lady looked about 80 and not 100!! Is JD a single man? He cooks, gets on well with kids, seems like a good friend and person. I see him with you, Kelli, Demetrius and in the Rader-Flowers vlogs and he's there on fridays cooking for everyone, but appears single. Lol just an observation.

  2. You finally got your swing on and in heels, oooh im scared of you??? Love the nursing home fellowship, good for you!! You have beautiful skin Kelli, God Bless Always the both of you and fam !

  3. It's difficult not to reply to your vlogs. You two are the most charming couple. In a world where satanic woes have befallen many…..then there is YOU!
    Continue in the way you've chosen to live.
    Thanks for sharing.?

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