Vandals carve swastika, racial slur into golf course

It’s never OK to deface a golf course, but this instance is especially heinous.

Per Wave 3 News, vandals recently carved a racial slur and a swastika onto Indianapolis’ Smock Golf Course.

Phil Rossman, a regular golfer at Smock, discovered the offending imagery during a casual round.

“I guess I was a bit shocked to see it in the middle of a golf course,” Rossman told Wave 3 News. “But not surprised to see it in society in general.”

To Rossman’s point, unfortunately this type of vandalism is not unique. Just last year, vandalism at a Maine golf course was being investigated as a hate crime.

Seriously, why do this? It’s not cute nor funny, it’s destructive. And promoting hate in this instance as well.

There’s simply no need for this type of thing in this world.

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