Hitting it fat? Here’s a quick fix for your swing

Fat iron shots are the scourge of the average player. The club hits the ground behind the ball, turf goes flying — and the ball goes nowhere. If you can get to the fat shot’s root cause — hanging back on your right leg through impact — you’ll fix it quickly.


Grab your 7-iron, take your address position, lift your right foot off the ground, and then hit balls while standing on your left foot only. With all your weight forward, you’ll make a descending blow and ball-first contact. To beat the fats, strive for this front-sided feeling when you play.

This may look like something that only a trick-shot artist would try, but it’s actually a great way to get the feeling of keeping your weight on your left side during the downswing. From this position, it’s almost impossible to hit the ball fat.

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